Pleasure & Business: Risky & Risqué

In a world where passions run deep and deceit is always on the menu, you know someone somewhere is cooking up a recipe for intrigue, mayhem, and chaos!

Paige Davis has done quite well for herself. She is an architectural designer working for a large, prestigious African American owned design firm.  The company is owned by her godfather,  Ike Johnson, an influential man well known for his firm’s success.

The real drama begins through a chance encounter with one Malik Jackson. Who is Malik Jackson? What is known about him is that he is a handsome native of Detroit who's decided to return to his hometown from Las Vegas to assist with his aging parents.  He accepts a position from the Johnson's because they're retiring south to be with their children.  But what surprises are in store for Paige and others because Malik has returned? What’s his agenda?

Mixing business and pleasure can be a risky and risqué proposition. Will it bring Paige and Malik together or will it have another unintended effect; an unforeseen devastating consequence? 

A Pleasure Doing Business is intelligent, fun, sexy and filled twists and turns that will keep you both guessing and eager to find out what happens next!

Love, sex, and power are a dangerous mix. Brace yourself. It’ll be hard to put this book down.


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